Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Wonder-filled Universe

We have come to that Autumn time of the year once again. Fall seems to be a reflective season for me in some ways. As I walked the other day along a river path near where I live, there was a breeze and the yellow, orange and red leaves were being blown about and swirling in the air to the ground. There was something beautiful and refreshing in that time!

I haven't written in a long time, but want to share a passage I found in a book that fell into my hands a few days ago as I was looking at a bookshelf at my workplace. It is an older book called "Rest Stops for the Soul" by Joseph Nassal. The author wrote ...
"As the word 'universe' implies, each of us is 'one verse' of a greater story linked by the love of those who have gone before us, the love of thousands around us, the love of those who will come after us, and most profoundly, the love of God."

Yes, each person and all of Creation is "one verse" of a greater story linked by the love of God! May we reverence the world ~ the universe around us at all times!