Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Singing in the Reign!

... Singing in the reign, just singing in the reign ...
Oh, I think that is suppose to be ... Singing in the "rain" ....
But then again, maybe it can be both ways!
... What a glorious feeling I'm feeling today ....

It has been very rainy here in Portland the past few weeks. The other morning as I was walking, the sky was having a hard time deciding what it wanted to do~rain or not rain? That was the question! I was carrying my umbrella and would have it up ... and then notice I didn't need it so would put it down. As I walked along I started thinking of the classic movie 'Singin in the Rain' and of that great song that Gene Kelly made famous in the musical as he splashed around in puddles. I must admit I did start singing that song and it lifted my heart!

Lately we have been hearing a lot of difficult, sad news with the situation in Libya and the horrible reality of Japan. How I hold all those people in my heart and prayers! As I sang that song that popped into my head, I started to reflect on the notion that I was - I am - we are - always walking in the reign of God. The Kingdom (Reign) of God is here! Jesus told us, "For behold the kingdom of God is among you." (Lk 17:21)
Heaven touched earth, in and through Jesus, and THAT is Good News! God is with us in all things ...
Inspite of all the hardships, there are signs of hope and life around us as announced by the beautiful crocuses that are sprouting up ... and people reaching out to those in need ... and a person found alive in the Japanese rubble after days! There are good people doing wonderful things to make our world a better place all the time ~ bringing about the reign of God!

My nephew"s wife - the mother of three beautiful children who was looking for a way to work from home, to share her talents and to help others, just started her own business ... the AMEN Jewelry Co. As she, Lisa, shares on her website, "Amen Jewelry places a priority on giving back to the community. Ten percent of the purchase price of each item will be donated to local charitable organizations." Check out her site - share the link with others! It is "a source for unique, high-quality jewelry inspired by religious iconography". Even if you only "window shop", it is a delight to see the artistic gifts of others! Good for you Lisa! May your endeavor be blessed.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Potpourri of Life

... discovery of the winter pine flower ...

How I love my exercise walks! Last week with snowy, cold weather here in Portland I discovered this new flower . So often my walks give me new insights and a different perspective on lots of things ... and on life in general.

I was glad to be able to go for my walk this morning. I don't always get out in the morning during the week, but on Fridays we have a 12:10 PM Mass at the parish where my office is, so I'm not rushing off for work quite as early. Anyway, often that exercise walk is a contemplative time for me.

This morning I was thinking how good it is to walk with open ears and eyes paying attention to life and the world around me ~ to hear the crows and blue jays squabbling and squawking back and forth at each other ... the robins with their hopeful song for spring ... the squirrels chiding from their tree tops. There were also the signs of everyday life that I started paying attention to ~ people going off to work ... the woman struggling with jumper cables to get her car started ... those who were out for quick walks with their dogs.

So often we rush about from this place to that without actually seeing and hearing those things around us. Many times people are running or walking listening to music on their iPods, texting or talking on their cell phones (which I must admit I do sometimes - talk on my cell phone when walking ... how else can I go walking with my sister in Florida?)....
I'm not saying that is bad to have the iPods and cell phones going, but it is also good to go out and about with only the sights and sounds that God, creation and the world around us have to offer.

For St. Francis the whole world was his cloister ~ the place where he met God in the ordinary and through those around him. If I had had earphones on listening to the radio this morning I would have missed the song in my heart that I kept humming, or the beautiful chirping of that robin that was speaking of spring, or the friendly voice of the woman I have passed many, many times on my walk that reached out this morning and said, "Hi! We keep passing each other ...Let me introduce myself ~I'm Ruth and this is Karen!" Last week I would have missed the little patch of snow cradled in the pine bough ... So, as a little piece of paper on my desk says, "Allow yourself to be interrupted by God." through the potpourri of life every day!