Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holding Haiti In Prayer

We ourselves feel that what we are doing
is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of
that missing drop.

~ Mother Teresa

The above picture is of a sunset looking out towards the ocean over the city of Port-Au-Prince, the capitol city of Haiti that has just been devastated by the 7.0 earthquake. I have been very distracted the past day by this horrible event and feel such great sorrow and concern for all the people there. Haiti holds a special place in my heart ... I have been there twice on "eye glass mission trips" with some of my Franciscan Sisters.
At times like this is when I really feel a "poverty of spirit" ~ seeing so much destruction and such pain and not really being able to do anything about it- physically! A multitude of prayers sigh from my heart during this time and I guess right now, that is my "drop in the ocean" ... that is what I can offer ...and to share briefly a glimpse of the country that I know.

The Haitian people are beautiful people! These pictures were taken on one of my trips, either in 1999 or 2000. The little boy above on the left is/was an orphan finding shelter at Lafanmi Selavi. He had nothing, but had made himself a little toy car out of a plastic bottle, sticks and cans. May the spirit of this boy give hope to all of those whose lives have been so disrupted and to a country that has so little to begin with! Please join me in prayer that our loving God is especially present to all those in Haiti right now and that the people find hope despite the adversity! W. Paul Jones once said: "Hope is the simple trust that God has not forgotten the recipe for manna."


  1. Hermana, that was a beautiful reflection. My prayers are with Haiti. I hope to one day give my time there. Thank you for sharing. I also love the end quote. I to hope he has not forgotten the recipe for I would like to know it.

  2. Thank you to "jibbersweet55" for the nice comment. Check out the what is happening in Haiti at Hospice St. Joseph, the place where I stayed during my two visit to Port-Au-Prince. The blog site is though the building was pretty much destroyed in the earthquake, they continue to minister to the people and the neighborhood. It is wonderful. Perhaps some day you might be able to go there there ... the help is much needed. From some of the stories I have heard, I think there is a beutiful spirit of resilience! My prayers continue to be with them...