Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Honoring the Angels ...and, no, not the baseball team!

...Today is the Feast of the Archangels ~ Michael, Gabriel and Raphael ~ and I just can't let the day go without a short post ....
"Let us join the angels of the Lord in their unending praise!
...Michael is honored by the Church as its special protector. Gabriel is best known as the angel of the annunciation to Mary and Zechariah. Raphael healed the blindness of Tobit... ~ from the Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise book - September 29
I get amused sometimes at our society in today's world - over the past couple of years, I've noticed that book stores and 'new age' people have made this big fuss over the "new" concept of angels. I just have to chuckle over all this because in our Catholic tradition, as well as the ancient tradition of our Jewish brothers and sisters, angels have always been so much a part of our belief! And this week, we celebrate two great Angel feast days - the Archangels today and on Saturday, the feast of the Guardian Angels. Angels also have a warm place in the Franciscan tradition stemming from Francis' tender affection and honor to these heavenly beings who have helped us to know God's great care and love for us. Pope Benedict in his writing of these two "angel" days said: "...these two celebrations move us to think of the provident care with which God looks after each human person ..."
So, noting that and with the Franciscan family today and on OCT. 2 nd we remember and pray ...
Francis had a great devotion to the messengers of God; open our ears to hear them and our eyes to see them in our everyday lives.
And hopefully we are not tiring out our Guardian Angels as in the picture of a statue I tumbled upon a few years ago:) angel saying, "Oh no, not in trouble again!?!"


  1. Hello Sr Patricia

    I am just calling in to wish you a happy feast of St Francis. May you have many blessings on this lovely feast day. God bless you, Sister.

  2. Thank you, Breadgirl for the St. Francis Day greeting! It is a wonderful Feast Day indeed ... and I have already done some special celebrating over the weekend which I hope to write about ASAP! Happy St. Francis Day to all! Pace E Bene!

  3. I'd LOVE to see the Marvel comic book please! When will you be by the center next????

  4. I would be glad to share the Marvel Comic book that I wrote about on Oct. 4th with you! It is a great comic the life of St.Francis and pretty true to his life. Francis, Brother of the Universe is published by Paulist Press in Mahwah, NJ