Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grabbing God Moments When We Can

God is Good!

Greetings from the east coast! I am sending this post from the Motherhouse of my Community in Aston, PA. I flew back here yesterday on a two week trip away (whew!) for meetings and a National Conference for vocation directors in Ohio. It is getting quite late and I hope I can get out a few coherent lines .... It is election night and I am trying to keep myself awake so I can check in on some early election results from Oregon before I go to bed since they are three hours behind in time than the east coast. Last night I stayed up later than I planned to see if the San Francisco Giants were going to win the World Series and now tonight, the election. The night before that I was up late packing. My track record for rest isn't very good lately - oh my!

As I come to the end of this day/night and think of all the busy-ness of the past couple days and the past couple of weeks, I realize how important it is to step back and step into God's loving presence ... to take time to rest in God! Yes, I know I need more physical rest than I have had lately, but I sure better fill up my tank in the prayer department too. Some times we don't have hours to spend in prayer like on retreat, but I am grateful for the the many God moments I do have like the gift of a beautiful day like today ... the graced solitude of time on the airplane yesterday where the "direct flight" trip went smoothly with nobody in the middle seat which gave me some extra time and space. God is good and is present with us ~ to us if only we open ourselves up to each moment! Peace and All Good!


  1. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Grabbing God Moments When We Can":

    Hey Sr. Patty! I wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blogs and I thoroughly enjoy them. Hope you are well. Peace, Sarah T.

  2. Thanks for the message Sarah T.
    I am glad you are enjoying my blog thoughts. I am trying hard to write more often, but life seems to keep me kind of busy these days - oh my!
    May you be well! Peace and Blessings always... SP