Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life Lessons from the Crocus Flower

Mother Nature has been very unpredictable lately - at least from my observation here in Spokane, WA. Last week I was very aware of that fact as the weather went from freezing temperatures one day, to a lovely spring like day the next, and then to snow and torrential rains in the days to follow.
When it was still so cold with the thermometer reading in the 30s outside I spied one of the first signs of Spring ... some lovely crocuses up and out of the ground! Shortly after that I was out walking and started thinking of how brave those little flowers are! They are the first flowers to poke their heads out of the soil despite the threat of more cold weather and even snow. They give our world some hope of better weather, a new season and adding a splash of beauty to the dismal grey! The next to come are the daffodils and tulips - bigger flowers, but not the first.

There is a good lesson to learn from that little flower (the crocus) for us human beings ... maybe even a challenge to embrace. Am I a person who is willing to brave the elements to be true to growth and to life yearning inside of me and make a difference somewhere or to someone? To take a risk at something new or different? To stand up for something if if I am the only one? Or, do I shy away preferring to "bloom" later like the daffodil or tulip when it seems safer?
We are still in the season of Lent. Maybe during these last days of Lent it might be a good idea to reflect on where and how God is calling me/you to grow or go forward into something even if the "weather" isn't ideal .... trusting that God's light will guide and help in the process.

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