Monday, April 26, 2010

What’s in your (wallet) heart today?!?

Continued GREETINGS of the EASTER Season!
Do you still have an Easter Alleluia ringing in your heart? It is hard to believe that we are now in the fourth week of Easter... we are still in the Easter season though! Spring has really blossomed in the Portland area and it is wonderful to see all the signs of new life that abound .... signs of Resurrection indeed! In St. Francis' words ..."Most high, all-powerful, all-good Lord! All praise is yours, all glory, all honour and all blessing..."
God gives us so many signs of love and presence .... This past Saturday I was given two opportunities to pause and reflect on God's presence in my life, and in the beautiful world around me/us. The first "pause" was during a prayer/faith sharing time at a Community meeting I was at. Then, later in the day, the opportunity arose at the Saturday evening vigil Mass that I attended when we took a few moments after the homily to share with the person next to us. It was good and is good to take time like that now and then ... to become aware of the divine presence within and without!

In trying to learn a little more of the capabilities of this blog spot so I can share some links and videos that I find, I am experimenting. I've added a video to this blog! My niece sent me some "how to" directions last week, and a young friend helped me today, so I have inserted a You Tube video I think you might enjoy.As we continue to celebrate the Easter Season remember "Jesus lives, Alleluia"!

I hoped you liked it!? Recently I came across a saying I wrote down a long time ago and so close this entry with the wise words of William Blake (1757-1827): "Everything that lives is holy, life delights in life."
Let us delight in each other and our holy world that our loving God has gifted us with...
If you still might like more spiritual type thoughts for your day, check out the blog from the
Franciscan Spiritual Center-Milwaukie, OR
Until my next writing ....Peace and Blessings!

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