Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water, water everywhere ... or so we think

This morning I heard someone comment, "We sure had a wet and rainy April - it is so good to see a nice day!" Well, I do agree that I am glad for a beautiful, dry, spring day here in the Northwest. However, the rains brought snow to the mountains and helped to keep our water table high. That is good for us! I have been profoundly aware of water troubles in other parts of our country lately though - our Gulf coast with the terrible oil spill going on there and also the horrible flooding in Tennessee! Both those situations need a lot of prayers right now!

Sometimes we do take safe, clean water for granted! Recently the
Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) in Seattle, of which my community helps to sponsor (along with several other religious congregations), held a video contest for high school students. The first place winner of the contest, Laura Jansen from Chicago Heights, IL produced an excellent video! Please take a few minutes to watch her video ~ it has a powerful message to share .....

Way to go, Laura! You have challenged us all to be creative and help with this issue of water - thank you!
When I was in Haiti several years ago I became VERY aware of the need for clean water. We stayed in a "safe" place while we were there, but we never drank any water out of the tap. We discovered through personal experience that even in the city water supply little worms were swimming around ~ extra protein I guess, but definitely not desirable for anyone....
How fortunate we are in the United States! Let us work together to help with this problem so that all people may have that basic right of water and with St. Francis sing: "Most high, all-powerful, all-good Lord! All praise is yours, all glory, all honour and all blessing ....All praise be yours, my Lord, through Sister Water, so useful, lowly, precious and pure." (from the Canticle of Brother Sun)

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