Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finding Treasures in the Gutter

It has been a good three weeks since I last wrote and that is way too long! My days have been full and involved with several trips to the Tacoma/Seattle area, visits to schools and a week in Spokane, WA at my alma mater, Gonzaga University, where I was helping with a Busy Person (Student) Retreat on campus ... a great week! The life of a vocation director ~ never a dull moment! Here the season of Lent is almost over and I feel like it has just begun because of so much activity and not enough reflection time ............................... I do find snippets of time and graced God moments along the way in my days though which I cherish and for which I am grateful. The whispers of God's voice come not only during my personal prayer time, but also in the miles of driving, often without the radio or CDs playing and almost always during my regular walks. So, this week the debris along the curbs in the gutter spoke to me and gave me fodder for reflection. There are not many sidewalks in my neighborhood so I usually walk in the street along the side. Lately, with so many rainy days the gutter along the curb can be kind of muddy and messy with leaves, sticks, candy wrappers, cigarette butts and tree cones (in the northwest they are usually fir cones). Every now and then though, ahh ha, I find a penny, a nickel, a quarter, or a pretty little flower growing! Treasures in the muck! I always stop and pick up the money, even the pennies with the reminder that, "In God We Trust". So, where did my reflection on my Monday walk take me? With this being Lent, the debris in the gutter reminds me of the "messyness" of my life sometimes ... how cluttered things can get ... It is important to take time (like this Lenten time) to get the broom out, or take the hose to clean things up a bit so there is a newness or freshness that will allow God to flow in and through me. In the process I might discover a treasure that was hiding under the clutter or in negativity... an insight, a new ability, a calmed fear about a project, an understnading to a problem ... What is a treasure that desires to be revealed to you as we move towards the end of Lent into the glorious season of Easter? The earth is getting ready for Easter, newness is all around. I pray that is happening in your life and mine as well!

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